Henderson County Research Tips 

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I have had good luck receiving Death Certificates for the years, 1911 to 1946, from Pam Carey Durstock.  For more information check the page linked to her name.  BTW... Pam's services benefit USGenWeb
Jesse Hagan also offers a similar service.  For more information on his death certificate services, click here:  Jesse Hagans Certificates.
For further information on Death Certificates and other Vital Records try these pages, Kentucky Vital Recs, and KY Office of Vital Statistics/Online Forms and Information
Jim Powell Jr

Tip for finding records for Catholic Families

Henderson County Catholic families generally had their children baptised at one of the Union County Catholic churches, ie: Sacred Heart; ST Agnes and St Vincent.  These records are available on film thru the family history centers.  They are really good and most list the child's parents, g.parent and actual birth date. Some of the later ones also list who the child later married and the date of that marriage.   In the case of a servant, the "owner" of said servant is usually listed.  Anyway, its a good source of information for those with Catholic families....or folks who married into Catholic families.

  Tip from  NENT78B@prodigy.com (MS JOANIE BRINK) 

Tip for locating families not here after certain dates
Check all surrounding counties. Mine seemed to leave Henderson in 1860. That is when Webster county was formed and part of it came from Henderson!

Tip from your webmaster, Tina Hall

Vital Records

This site covers all 50 states and tells you where to send for copies of vital records. This is one to bookmark!

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