The Mail Goes Thru!

1937 Flood
James Zuber

Helen Keusch would like to share a picture of her father, JAMES ZUBER, taken during the 1937 Flood on John Street in Evansville, Ind. James was 28 years old at the time, and had to row a jon boat in his uniform while delivering mail. He met Helen's mother, KATHERYN LEE EAKINS, formerly of Robards, while delivery mail. Katheryn and her older sister BEATRICE SANDEFUR lived on John Street.

James carried the mail for 38 years and never once did he say it was stopped because of weather.

When Helen's Dad died in 1991, a lady that the family knew came to the funeral home and gave Helen this tiny snapshot of a mailman. She and her siblings lived on John St. also and knew Helsn's mother and dad from way back. She gave Helen the picture because she said if she were to die, none of her kids would know who the picture was and pitch it. The picture was about 2 x 3 inches--- one of those early pictures taken with a little box camera. So Helen had it enlarged and copies made. Helen doesn't think her mom and dad even knew the picture existed.

Thank you Helen for sharing this picture with us!

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