Rebecca J. Majors to William P. Abbott, August 21, 1854

Emily Jane Majors to Samuel Fraser, December 15, 1855

Samuel P. Majors to Easter (Ester) I. Walker, August 24, 1855

Alfred M. Majors to Jane Click, December 15, 1856

Reuben Majors to Nancy Woody, April 1, 1856

Greenberry N. Majors to Telitha (Martha?) Chamberlain, August 24, 1857

Esther Majors to Absolom Pierce, June 14, 1858

Emily Majors to Thomas J. Pierce, July 14, 1858

Martha Holland Majors to John Walker, April 4, 1860

SOURCE:  WPA Marriage Records, LDS Microfilm.

MAJORS Family Marriages, Henderson County, Kentucky

Transcribed by Mona Knight