Will of Bennett Sandefur SR.

 Will bk C, pg 36 Henderson Co., Ky dated 27 Aug 1840 proved Oct Court, 1841 

        In the name of God, Amen: I, Bennet Sandefur, of the county of Henderson
and state of KY, do make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following, to witt, I give to my grandson, Nathaniel R. Sandefur, son of Tandy Sandipher, the tract of land I now live on containing 200 acres more or less. I also give him the bed and furniture I now lie on, the still, the shotgun, the household and kitchen furniture, the cartwheels and oxen, the stock of hogs and sheep and the crop on the plantation at the time of my desease. I give to my beloved daughter, Judia Keach, a negro girl by the name of Marier to make her equal with balance of my estate to be equally divided between my six sons and two daughters. I do appoint my son, John Sandipher and Tandy Sandipher to execute and administer on the
said estate. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty seventh day of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty.

Teste Devereux H. Foard                                               His
         J.D. Bugg                                                  Bennet X Sandipher

State of Ky, Henderson co., October co., Court
attest: Will D. Allison, Ck
Proven October Court, 1841 order bk E pg39
The last will & testament of Bennett Sandefur Sr., dec'd who's name is
spelled in said will "Sandipher" was produced in court and proved in  open
court according to law by the oaths of Devereux H. Foard and Jacob D. Bugg,
subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recored.

Submitted by:
Nancy Jankowski

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