Will of Mary Owen

In the name of God Amen, I Mary Owen of the County of Henderson State of
Kentucky, being in feeble health, but of sound mind, do make and com___ this
my last Will and Testament, hereby evoking all and any other Will or
Testament which I may heretofore have made  viz – Item 1: I give and
bequeath to my niece Isabella Cunningham daughter of Fountain Cunningham all
my chattle property, which I may leave in the County of Henderson at my
death except my wearing apparel, which I leave and bequeath to my sister
Patsy Ronsdell. And my gold watch _ucky which I leave and bequeath to my
niece Lydia Lockett. __  Item 2:  If my negro woman Maria with her children
viz: Corn, George, Edwiner, James, and Iabella, will consent to go to
Liberia in affrica, and the Colonisation Society, will take them at my
death, provided the Said Negroes are willing to go, not otherwise. And
transport them to the Colony in affricia aforesaid. Then and in that case my
will and desire is, and I do direct that the Said Negroes be so disposed
off, and that my Ex_______ gives them over to the proper officer of the
Society aforesaid, to be disposed off as above directed.  But should the
Said Negroes not Consent to accept their freedom on the Terms above stated,
It is then my will and desire, that my nephew Fountain Cunningham  take the
whole of the before named Negroes for the Sum of Twelve hundred Dollars
(1200) for the payment of which he shall execute his three notes for Ten
hundred dollars each payable to my sister Patsy Ronsdell and in case of her
death to Elizabeth Harris her daughter, the said notes to be made payable
annually.  And two notes for two hundred Dollars, and one for one hundred
payable to the Christian Church, that is to the Trustees of Said Church for
the use of the Sums. And one note for One hundred dollars to my great niece
Louisa Lockett. These notes should the Negroes above Named fall to Fountain
Cunningham.  I bequeath to the parties to whom I have directed them to be
executed. And ___ all to be paid annually except one to Louisa Lockett which
is to be paid in one year from its date—Item 3:  My nephew Fountain
Cunningham if he gets the Negroes mentioned in the body of the Will is to
pay to the Negro woman Maria a reasonable compensation for her labour after
deducting the expenses for her Support--- Item 4: I hereby constitute and
appoint my nephew Fountain Cunningham my Sole Executor to this my last Will
and Testament, and request that he will out of the notes I hold on Mrs?
Steal and B. Cassaday of Louisville pay my Debts and funeral expenses and
give to my Negro Maria Ten Dollars and to Corn five dollars. I further
request and desire that no Security be required of my Executor appointed
hereby to execute my Will. I_ Testamony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand
in the presents of the subscribing witnesses hereunto this 11th day of
September 1853.
                                                Mary      X     Owen

(The _______ is not Negroes &
  Fountain in_______ before signing)

Witnesses  John Bryce
A.  J. Morrison

State of Kentucky  Henderson County:   Set:  February County Court 1854

        This last Will and Testament of Mary Owen was produced and proved
in open court according to law, by the  oaths of John Bryce and A. J. Morrison
subscribing witnesses __________ and ordered to be recorded. And the same
was th__________ truly recorded this 27th day of February 1854, (F 161)

                                                        Will D. Allison  co.c.c.

Submitted by Suzanne Russell

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