Will of Philadelphia Crenshaw

Henderson County Kentucky BOOK C pgs 72/73

In the name of God Amen. I Philadelphia Crenshaw of Henderson County being of perfect sense and  memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life, do make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by me made--Item I lend my son William S. CRENSHAW one Negro Man named Nathan, also my stock of hogs and until he is satisfied or until the said property shall pay him a certain sum of money which I owe him. I also wish my said son William to keep his sisters, also my son Phieneas Tholbert Crenshaw with him and to keep the above named property for their support until the said children shall marry. after which it is my wish that the above namd property be equally divided between my said children that is Joseph D. Crenshaw , Elizabeth P. RIDEOUT, Nancy T. YEARGAIN, Mary D.  CRENSHAW, James H. CRENSHAW, Austin F. CRENSHAW, Permelia j. CRENSHAW, Luisa E. CRENSHAW, Martha Frances CRENSHAW, and Phineas Tholbert CRENSHAW. I appoint my son Wiliam S. Crenshaw executor to this my last Will and Testament without being bound to give Security   In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 17th day of October 1842.

Witness:  J.C.WATKINS                             Philadelphia Crenshaw
               Eliza A. SHEETS

State of Kentucky Henderson County  October County Court 1846

The last Will and Testament of Philadelphia Crenshaw dec'd was produced in Court at the August Term 1846 and proved in open court by the oath of John C. WATKINS one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and again at the present term the same was further and fully proved by the oath of Eliza A. SHEETS a
subscribing witness thereto according to law and ordered to be recorded.
(See Order BK E pgs 305 & 325)      Attest Will D. Allison Clk

BOOK C p 207 Appraisements & Inventories

We the undersigned Commissioners appointed by the Henderson County Court at their October Term in 1846 did meetand appraise all the person Estate and Negroes of Philadelphia Crenshaw deceased and report as follows: Towit

1 red heifer $5  1 red Heifer whiteface $5  1 red Steer $6
1 blk horse $20  1 Sorrel Mare $10  Bay Horse $25
1 Sorrel Colt $12  Sythe & cradle $1.25  1 ?? $6  Cart Boxes & / $1
1 log chain.50  lot carpenters tools $1 handsaw & drawing knife $.75
1 cross saw $1 pair of Shucks & axes $.75 Grubbing hoe $.25
1 stretcher .25  A largekettle $1 oven & lid  .50 Small pot & hooks .50
1 pr hamers .25 2 chains .25 2 stone jars .50 2 jugs .37 1 safe $2
1 loom $6  1 clock $5  cotton wheel $2  5 chairs $1.50 3 trunks $l.50
1 trundel bedstead $1 Diepot $.50  clock ?? .50  2 guns $6
1 Stulyard $1  2 bedsteads $2  Woman saddle $5  1 bell .75
4 stand B $2 Oat Stack $5  Rawhide 1.50 Bedstead .75
1 Negro Boy Nathan $500 85 barrels $1.25
1 pr fire irons .50 l lot tools .50  Grindstone $1.25
wedges & ??  .50  one horse $1.50

                                                              George Brown
                                                              Thomas C. Sanner
                                                              Joseph B. Griffin

State of Kentucky Henderson County February County Court 1847
The foregoing appraisement of the Estate of Philadelphia Crenshaw dec'd was
returned to the court and ordered to be recorded.
(E.343)                                    Attest. Will D. Allison Clk

Submitted by:
Mary W. Glenn

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