The Will of William Williams


Granville County, North Carolina

(With Henderson County connections)

        In the name of God amen I William Williams of the county of Granville in
the province of North Carolina now being at Boonsborough in the colony of
Translvania and weak & sick of body but of perfect mind & memory thanks to
almighty God and calling to mind the undertainty of this transotory life & that it is appointed once for all men to die do make & declare this to be my last will & testament in manner & form following that is to say First-my soul I recommend to almighty God my saviou and Redeemer in whom & in whos merits I trust assuredly to be saved & to have full remission of all my sins & to Inherit eternal life. My body I commit to the ground to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named and as for the settling of my worldly estate and such goods & chattles as it hath pleased God in his great mercy to bestow upon me. I dispose of the same in manner & form following that is to say---
Item-As I am considerably indepted my desire is that my executors hereafter named
proceed as soon as time and circumstances will permit to make a collection of all debts due to me & the monies rising from such collections to applly towards discharging such debts as I justly owe and if these monies are not sufficient for that purpose that they then sell & dispose of an improvement call quins place & the money arising thereupon to apply to the same use and if that is not sufficient that then my executors dispose of so much of my personal estate as shall answer the purpose of discharging all my debts after which being done my sesire is that all the rest & residue of my estate both real & personal be appraised by three honest free holders by the court appointed for that purpose & according to such appraisement my estate to be divided in the following manner towit.  That my loving wife have and enjoy the manner platation during her natural with two hundred acres of lands adjoining which plantation & two hundred acres of land after my wife's decease I leave to be equally divided between my two sons John & Samuel Farrar according to quantity & quality. The residu of my land whereon I now live I leave to be equally divided.  Immediatly after my depts being paid between my tow sons John & Samuel Farrar.  John taking his first choice the aforesaid land to each one his own particular part to them their heirs and assigns for ever.  And after all my debts being paid and the residue of my estate both real and personal being appraised as aforesaid that my loving wife, my three daughters Mary, Betsey & sally each have paid to them by my two sons afs. either in personal estate at its praise value or in money to each one, one eighth part of the whole appraise value and all the rest and residue of my estate to be equally divided between my two sons John & Samuel Farrar as afs.  Not withstanding the above bequests it is my will & desire for the satisfaction of my securities that if any thing should happen, so that what I have left
to be disposed of for the paument of my deshould be insufficient then it is my will and desire that my executors dispose of and they are hereby impowered to sell & dispose of any part or parcel of my real & personal estate for the payment of my just debts and the residue of my estate to be disposed of among my wife & children as nearly as may be to the aforesaid propotion and hereby appoint my loving wife executrix, my two sons John & samuel Farrar, My brother John Williaams and my friend Col. Richard Henderson executors of this my last will & testament hereby revoking & declaring this only to be my last will & testament. Made this twenty fifth
day of December anno dom. 1775 sealed pronounced & declared in presents of us.--- Jno. floyd, Charles Williams, Bromfiield Ridley
            signed William Williams
Granville co., NC                               May court  anno dom. 1777
this was duly prov'd by the oath of Bromfield Ridley esqr. and on motion was ordered  to be recorded. at the same time Phillis Williams wife of the said Qilliam Williams deceas'd quallified as executrix and John Williams esqr. and John Williams son of the said Williams qualified as executors to the said will.
                        Teste           Reuben Searcy  C.C.

The following is a copy of the inscription on the tomb of WM. Williams dec'd at Boonesborough Transylvania State of Kentucky. 

        To the memory of Wm. Williams eldest brother of
        John Williams one of the proprietors of Transylvania.
        He was born on the 11th day of March 1733 and died on
        the 27th day of December 1775.
        "Far from the objects of his earthly care
        In lonesome deserts there is laid
        the husband, father, brother all thats dear
        and numbers now amongest the dead."

Wm. Williams married Phillis Mitchell, daughter of John and Phillis Mitchell,. who died in Granville Co., Northe Carolina in 179?. Their son Samuel Farrar Williams\Revolutionary war soldier came to Henderson Co in 1805. He became very active in the affairs of this early settlement.

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Nancy Jankowski 

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